Friday, May 18, 2012

Rule 1.06

Rule 1.06
First, second and third bases shall be marked by white canvas or rubber-covered bags, securely attached to the ground as indicated in Diagram 2. The first and third base bags shall be entirely within the infield. The second base bag shall be centered on second base. The bags shall be 15 inches square, not less than three nor more than five inches thick, and filled with soft material.

First and third bases are within the infield, second base is centered on second base.

Neither the break-away base, nor the safety base are legal according to the BRD.

Note that since first and third bases are located entirely within the infield, the distance from the tip of home plate to the front edge of first base (or third base) is 88 feet, nine inches.

Note that second base is centered on the point 127.2792 feet from the tip of home plate (not located entirely within the infield). Therefore, the distance from the edge of first base to the edge of second base is 90 feet, minus 15 inches of first base (88 feet, 9 inches), minus 7-1/2 inches of the centered second base. 88 feet, 1-1/2 inches!

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