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THE LEAGUE PRESIDENT is the league official charged with enforcing these Rules, fining or suspending any player, manager, coach or umpire for violation of these Rules, resolving any disputes involving these Rules or determining any protested games.

Rule 2.00 (League President) Comment: With respect to the Major Leagues, the functions of the League President pursuant to these Rules shall be carried out by the designees of the Commissioner of Baseball. The Commissioner may designate different officials to carry out different functions of a League President pursuant to these Rules.

The office of League President was eliminated in 1999 when the American League and National League merged completely.

American League Presidents American League
Name Term
B. Bancroft "Ban" Johnson
1901 to 1927
Ernest S. Barnard
1927 to 1931
William Harridge
1931 to 1959
Joseph E. "Joe" Cronin
1959 to 1973
Leland S. MacPhail, Jr.
1974 to 1984
Robert W. Brown
1984 to 1994
Gene A. Budig
1994 to 1999

National League Presidents National League
Name Term
Morgan G. Bulkeley
1876 to 1876
William A. Hulbert
1877 to 1882
Arthur H. Soden
1882 to 1882
Abraham G. Mills
1883 to 1884
Nicholas E. Young
1885 to 1902
Harry C. Pulliam
1903 to 1909
John A. Heydler
1909 to 1909
Thomas J. Lynch
1910 to 1913
John K. Tener
1913 to 1918
John A. Heydler
1918 to 1934
Ford C. Frick
1934 to 1951
Warren C. Giles
1951 to 1969
Charles S. Feeney
1970 to 1986
A. Bartlett Giamatti
1986 to 1989
William D. White
1989 to 1994
Leonard S. Coleman, Jr.
1994 to 1999

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