Monday, May 28, 2012

Rule 2.00 TIME


“TIME” is the announcement by an umpire of a legal interruption of play, during which the ball is dead.

Arguments, trips to pitcher, etc. should be considered requests for time, however only after continuous play has ended.
The manager’s request for time shall be granted for a substitution or for a conference with one of his players.
If an umpire requests to examine the ball, time is imposed. If the umpire otherwise handles a live ball, the ball is live (it should be dropped immediately) [BRD 509]

Time out, attempted play [Rule 3.12] [Rule 5.02] [Rule 5.11]

Time out, base umpire calls time out before pitch [Rule 3.12] [Rule 5.02] [Rule 5.11]

Time not requested or given, Time of Throw Award [Rule 3.12] [Rule 5.02] [Rule 5.11]

Time out, ball not put into play, no play [Rule 3.12] [Rule 5.02] [Rule 5.11]

Accident incapacitates R1, who is unable to continue. However, there is no base award (see Rule 5.10(c)) and the ball is live. No time out and R1 is tagged out.

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