Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rule 3.12

Rule 3.12

When an umpire suspends play, he shall call “Time.” At the umpire-in-chief’s call of “Play,” the suspension is lifted and play resumes. Between the call of “Time” and the call of “Play” the ball is dead.

The ball must become dead after a(n):
1.    foul
2.    overthrow
3.    lodged ball
4.    home run
5.    ground rule double
6.    batter or runner hit by pitch
7.    intentionally dropped ball
8.    illegally batted ball
9.    interference by runner, offensive teammate, spectator, or authorized person [exceptions on offensive teammate interference and coach’s interference]
10.  umpire interference on a batted ball
11.  obstruction and concurrent play on the obstructed runner (Type A Obstruction)
12.  fielder falls on dead ball territory after a catch
13.  umpire calls time

The ball may become dead after:
1.    a balk or illegal pitch
2.    batter interference
3.    catcher interference
4.    umpire interference on a thrown ball
5.    obstruction without a concurrent play on the obstructed runner [J/R]

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