Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Rule 4.06

Rule 4.06
(a) No manager, player, substitute, coach, trainer or batboy shall at any time, whether from the bench, the coach’s box or on the playing field, or elsewhere—

(1) Incite, or try to incite, by word or sign a demonstration by spectators;

(2) Use language which will in any manner refer to or reflect upon opposing players, an umpire, or any spectator;

(3) Call “Time,” or employ any other word or phrase or commit any act while the ball is alive and in play for the obvious purpose of trying to make the pitcher commit a balk.

(4) Make intentional contact with the umpire in any manner.

(b) No fielder shall take a position in the batter’s line of vision, and with deliberate unsportsmanlike intent, act in a manner to distract the batter.

PENALTY: The offender shall be removed from the game and shall leave the playing field, and, if a balk is made, it shall be nullified.

Rule 4.06(a)(1): In the video below, White Sox player A.J. Pierzynski scores on a collision, then slaps home plate. Michael Barrett takes exception to his actions and MLB fines Pierzynski for inciting the crowd.

Rule 4.06(a)(2): A player may be ejected after he is removed from the game.

Rule 4.06(a)(3): a nullified balk results in an immediate dead ball. The umpire ejects the offender and a "do-over" is ordered. [see WUM]

Rule 4.06(a)(4): Intentional contact with an umpire will result in an ejection:

Rule 4.06(b): In 1950, New York Giants infielder Eddie Stanky took a position behind the pitcher, jumped up and down, waived his arms, and mimicked a pitching windup to distract opposing batters. What was coined the "Stanky Maneuver" was outlawed the following year (now Rule 4.06(b)).

The PBUCUM directs that organists are not to play in a manner that incites negative spectator reaction to an umpire decision. "Organist" includes other music in the park, the public address announcer, and the scoreboard operator. An umpire may warn or remove the violator, but are instructed to use common sense and communicate with game management.

In 1988, Major League Umpire Angel Hernandez ejected former Chicago Bears football player Steve McMichael during the seventh inning stretch for inciting the fans.

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