Saturday, December 1, 2012

Rule 5.02

Rule 5.02 
After the umpire calls “Play” the ball is alive and in play and remains alive and in play until for legal cause, or at the umpire’s call of “Time” suspending play, the ball becomes dead. While the ball is dead no player may be put out, no bases may be run and no runs may be scored, except that runners may advance one or more bases as the result of acts which occurred while the ball was alive (such as, but not limited to a balk, an overthrow, interference, or a home run or other fair ball hit out of the playing field).

Rule 5.02 Comment: Should a ball come partially apart in a game, it is in play until the play is completed.


Do not pitch signal or “stop sign” (arm extended palm towards pitcher) creates dead ball.  [BRD 161]

In this video the catcher appears to ask for time, the umpire appears to raise a hand in a stop sign signal, but play does not stop.

Raising two or one hands above head indicates time out and the ball is dead. [J/R]

Batter asks for time out, and is granted. Next pitch hits a home run.

Ball is not put back into play, so time is out. Any play during a time out is void.

Rule 5.02 CMT: Roy Hobbes knocks the cover off the ball. Play continues.

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